A Guide to International Waffle Day (March 25th)

Whether you’re a foodie or simply someone who loves to celebrate every holiday possible, you’ll definitely enjoy March 25th–also known as “Waffle Day“. The holiday started in Sweden but has become more popular around the world in recent years. The following guide will help you learn more about this fun and delicious holiday.

When Did Waffle Day Start?

Waffle Day has surprising historical origins. March 25th is also known as the Feast of the Annunciation, a Christian religious holiday which has been celebrated for around 1500 years. The food during this religious feast was typically designed to fit within the rules of Lent, which included waffles made from leavened dough. Although historical waffles didn’t resemble the uniform square pocket waffles of today until around the 18th century, these early types of waffles would often have unique patterns such as flowers or even religious scenes pressed on them with custom-made iron plates.

So how did the Feast of the Annunciation turn into Waffle Day? It’s believed that the Swedish language played the largest role in the creation of this unique holiday. The Swedish word for the Feast of the Annunciation–Vårfrudagen, meaning literally “Our Lady’s Day”–sounds very similar to the Swedish word Våffeldagen, which literally means “Waffle Day.” Over time, the day became so largely associated with waffles in Sweden that people who didn’t celebrate the religious aspect of the day began calling it Waffle Day.

How Is Waffle Day Celebrated?

In Sweden, where the holiday originated, Waffle Day is celebrated with the consumption of waffles. Homemade waffles, restaurant waffles, and even special waffle community events and festivals are not uncommon in Sweden.

Around the world, Waffle Day is celebrated in different ways depending on the country and how well the holiday is known. For example, in India, there are special pop-up cafes and restaurant events that celebrate Waffle Day by selling unique and delicious waffle flavors. In the United States, “Waffle Day” is usually celebrated in August in order to coincide with the anniversary of the American waffle iron patent, but some American restaurants are now picking up the March 25th date in order to take advantage of people’s interest in this global holiday.

How You Can Celebrate Waffle Day

There are many ways you can enjoy Waffle Day with your friends, family—or just yourself and a plate of delicious waffles. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate this fun holiday:

  • Invite friends to a waffle luncheon: invite your closet friends and family over for a special waffle luncheon, complete with plenty of different toppings and a few different waffle irons so you can make fresh waffles throughout the event. Don’t forget the butter and syrup!
  • Head out for some fresh waffles at a local restaurant: don’t bother with boring frozen waffles on March 25th! Instead, head to a favorite restaurant that makes them fresh and enjoy a warm waffle.

Don’t forget to write Waffle Day on your calendar this year so you can celebrate with some delicious waffles.

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