How Glitch Art Is Helping To Revolutionize The World Of Fashion

Glitch art came about literally by accident. The word glitch actually means a problem that prevents something from working properly and that is exactly how glitch art came about. Modern-day glitch art is created when a digital or analog error (or deliberate manipulation) occurs in an electronic device creating an interesting artistic aesthetic.

Glitch art is memorable because it catches the eye and people find beauty in the imperfection. In fact, many people describe glitch art as perfect imperfection.

One of the first uses of a glitch in art was in a 1935 film called the colour box, but glitch art really didn’t come into it’s own until technology made it possible for millions of people to use computers. It was at this point that savvy young people began using this technology to deliberately create a new form of art. Glitch art was a way on commenting on the technology world and it’s imperfections while at the same time celebrating that technology. Glitch art means different things to different people and artist working with glitch art use in numerous ways. Before long Glitch art began showing up everywhere.

The art became popular and there were many productions of glitch arts to appear in homes, in art shows, and many other places. It got people talking and looking. Not all glitch art is bold distortions, some of this art is more subtle almost like a picture that is somewhat out of focus and a little bit fuzzy.

It wasn’t long before fashion designers struck by the glitch art movement began finding ways to use this art in their designs, first to create new and interesting textile patterns, and later to use some of the art itself in actual clothing.

Today you can find glitch art in almost every fashion show on every runway in the world. And almost every type and style of clothing offers something when it comes to glitch art from bold prints to distorted appliques and everything in between.

In fact today, glitch art is not so much a glitch anymore as a part of everyday life. Many people have seen glitch many times without even knowing what it was or that it had a name.

Today glitch fashion can be used to make a bold and powerful statement, or simply be used to bring a youthful fun to fashion.

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