How to Celebrate Father’s Day !

Although overshadowed by Mother’s Day in many ways, Father’s Day is no less important. In countries around the world, fathers are celebrated for their contributions to the family. The strength, compassion, and guidance of fathers should be celebrated, which is why our store goes the extra mile to provide the right gifts for the occasion.

The origins of Father’s Day and what makes it so special is something worth discovering as you prepare to celebrate your father each and every year.

Where Did Father’s Day Originate?

There is no specific date or event that can be traced as the originator of Father’s Day. What is known is that the celebration in Catholic Europe dates back to at least 1508 and perhaps even earlier. While many cultures celebrate mothers and fathers, the Father’s Day that those in Western civilizations know seems to have come from St. Joseph’s Day. This started in the latter half of the 14th century by the Franciscans and has evolved to what we know today.

In the US, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. However, the first Father’s Day was officially celebrated on July 5th, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Created by Grace Golden Clayton in honor of her father who had recently passed, the celebration included a remembrance of the 250 fathers who were lost in the infamous Monongah Mining Disaster the previous December.

It was not long before Father’s Day became nationally recognized thanks to a bill introduced in the US Congress in 1913. The apparent misspelling of Father’s instead of the more appropriate Fathers’ was kept even after the bill was passed into law.

Why Father’s Day is Special?

The contribution that fathers make to the family is just as important as mothers. While the traditional role of being the breadwinner is still recognized, fathers bring their strength, wisdom, and imbue their children with independence which is so important when they grow up.

Fathers who sacrifice for their families should be celebrated. And that is why coming up with things to do will help make the day even more special.

Things to Do on Father’s Day

There are many things that you can do with your father on this special day. Most families celebrate with gifts and dinner, but there are other things that can make this day special as well.

  • Take a day trip to a special place
  • Gather old family and friends
  • Go out on a picnic
  • Talk about the days past and his father

So many things that can be done on this day, you should celebrate with your father in person if at all possible. Of course, the right gift should be part of your celebration.

How Trentain Celebrates Father’s Day, As We All Should

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