How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration of all the good that mothers do for us. It is easy to take for granted all of the amazing little bits of joy that our moms have brought us, so taking a day to step back and offer one big heartfelt “thank you” is a beautiful tradition. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia. Although she was unsuccessful in 1908, Grafton finally succeeded in 1911 be making her holiday a nationwide event. By this year, each state in the union had decided to observe the holiday, while in 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared that Mother’s Day was always to be held on the second Sunday in May.


Although it has roots in many cultural traditions, the modern Mother’s Day is rooted in the American tradition. Even dating all the way tack to the ancient Greeks, mankind has understood the immense value of mothers to human society and found ways to show its appreciation. Indeed, the Romans, early Christian society, and even traditional English society has had its own way of honoring mothers. Many critics of the American holiday point out that it has become a commercialized nightmare in recent years. In fact, even Anna Jarvis herself expressed some regrets later on in her life that she never wanted Mother’s Day to become such a commercial jackpot. Despite these well-meaning critiques, celebrating Mother’s Day is certainly better than the alternative. Mothers are so important to all of us that it is crucial to have a day celebrating them alone.

Things to do

If you are looking for things to do to celebrate Mother’s Day, try to find something that your wife or mother will truly enjoy. One such thing you can do is to make sure that any chores she usually takes care are done by someone else. For example, if she usually does laundries on Sundays, it is a good idea to do the laundry yourself, rather than letting her do it. In terms of other things to do, taking her out to a nice dinner is always a classic idea. A simple and elegant restaurant and a night focused totally on her is a timeless way to celebrate this fun holiday. If you want to think outside the box, going for some more exciting adventure could also be a great way to celebrate, such as going whitewater rafting or out for a hike.

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