Silly Cats

Whether you have ever kept a cat or not, I’m sure you will agree with me when I tell you that they are one of the most adorable creatures to have walked this Earth. From the head tilt to the startled expressions our feline friends send our way, they never fail to melt our hearts. Cats are one of those animals that are mostly mistaken as lazy and serious but that isn’t the case at all! And anyone who has kept a cat can testify to that.

Whenever something, it can be anything, is so popularly loved, it makes its way into fashion. And just like that cats did too. Major fashion brands started incorporating cats into their clothing which had a very positive response from the consumer community. Seeing this response many small scale indie brands also started incorporating cat designs into their collections.

There are not many people that do not like cats so bringing them into fashion was a very smart decision. The shirts sold like hotcakes because many people keep cats as their pets and envisioned their cats in the designs which brought about such an overwhelming response from the.

At Trentain, we have such a collection that star cats, called Silly Cats. In this collection we took a little different route and incorporated cats into famous movies etc. for example we have a “Catzilla” shirt available on our website that is a real crowd-pleaser. Similarly, instead of just adopting the usual cat shirt ideas we came up with some of our own.

Many people use clothing to express themselves without saying much at all. Our Silly Cats collection is every feline lover’s dream come true with shirts that say “My Cat Is My Valentine”. Our main aim is to help everyone find clothing that matches their personality and helps them to express themselves even if it is through cat designs.

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