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By its root definition, pop culture is modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people. But pop culture is much more than that. It intertwines different cultures, groups and societies. It allows people to come together through common interests and understand each other. It allows the informative generations to express themselves through a creative outlet, at Trentain that is exactly what we do. Pop culture helps mold the youth and shape the future, therefore it is not just content or products it is also a way of life.


The history of pop culture is an interesting one. It is said to have began as early as the 1950’s. Music such as rock n’ roll, televisions that made Dick Clark visible and transistor radios all paved the way for the new culture. It was first thought of to be associated with lower class people but as time has passed that is not the case. With different artists in the present being so influential in pop culture such as the likes of Kanye West and others it is a well-respected area.

The Transformation

As time went on and Americans became more self-sustained, we as a society had time to enjoy more hobbies and leisure’s. This is when pop culture really took off and gained explosive popularity. With more time to consume content in America it helped with the rise of music and movie stars. These people had a great effect on the youth in earlier years which helped pop culture transform into a normal, popular thing. Pop Culture as with many things in our society is growing stronger as time passes.

The Affects

If you think about it many years ago people were very buttoned up and straight laced, men wore suits and women wore dresses. As time has passed and pop culture has had such a strong influence on us, we see more adults expressing themselves through fashion. Obviously, our youth does as well, the easiest and strongest way to express one’s individuality is through fashion which pop culture has great impact on. Pop culture had a strong affect on everyday life and vice versa. Creative artists spoke out about wars, television shows used the wars in real life as content structure and it allowed people to consume it in a different way.

Pop Art Fashion

As touched on early fashion today is thought of as a way to express one’s individuality. This was not possible before pop art fashion. Pop art fashion took away the traditional art from clothing and used symbolism from what was going on in society to create clothing. This is such a popular idea in today’s world it is hard to believe it did not always exist. Pop art fashion lets people feel comfortable in what they are wearing while also showing people who may not know them who they are. Expression is a vital part of our world and pop art fashion allows us to achieve that.

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